Using the BootClasspath

Tweaking the Java Runtime API


Many Java programmers don't realize it, but the Java Runtime Environment is an amazingly configurable environment-so much about the Java execution environment can be controlled via options either on the command-line or through the JNI Invocation interface. One such option is the ability to define the location of the Java "bootstrap" classes-java.lang.Object, java.lang.Exception, and so forth-to come from someplace other than the ubiquitous "rt.jar" file in the "jre/lib" directory. In fact, we can use this non-standard JVM option to subvert the Java environment in many powerful ways, giving Java programmers a tremendous amount of power over their environment. But with power comes complexity, and this is no exception: it's powerful, but only if you're willing to accept the risks that go along with it.

Keywords:Java2 ClassLoaders Security JVM

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Download the Code (Note that the code makes heavy use of the Ant build tool for building and running the examples within the paper.)